Catering for your recruitment and placement needs

Kabetech facilitates the recruitment and placements of permanent and consulting professionals in various industries, ranging from IT, finance, engineering, human resources, to various others. Rigorous screening of candidates is undertaken to ensure that the best candidates are selected according to our clients' specifications.

We have a preferred supplier vendor status at Standard Bank and have placed excellent resources at Mutual & Federal since 2001.

Since the directors of Kabetech have been working in the IT industry for almost three decades each, we understand the skills and profile of IT and other resources imperative for client success. We have processes in place to complete background checks of prospective candidates and to obtain work permits for critically scarce skilled expatriate candidates.

Specialised services

Kabetech aims to establish a personal service oriented working relationship with our clients and is driven by IT experts that have operated in the industry for many years. We therefore understand the requirements of our clients' IT personnel. We have the experience and understanding to select specialised IT-skilled resources including the following:

  • Analysts and programmers competent in specific specialised programming languages

  • Database administrators (DBAs) with specific database skills

  • IT managers and project managers

  • IT architects and system programmers/engineers

  • Business analysts with specific business industry experience

  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and IT change and process compliance officers

  • Office support staff, including data capturers and call centre support personnel

  • Hardware and configuration PC technicians and Windows and MS-Office consultants.